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Structural Repair

All structures break down over time. Sometimes it happens suddenly, from an accident or natural disaster. Oftentimes it happens over the natural course of a building’s lifespan.

Whatever the reason, we take on all aspects of structural repair, not only to houses, but also office buildings and other structures (tunnels, bridges, etc.) Even if you think your building may be too far gone, we’re happy to dig in and give you a full report on your options and their costs.

Specialist Foundations

In addition to precision structural repair, DC Structural Services also offers specialist foundation services. 

We use innovative products (such as Helical Systems GroundScrews) and modern techniques to set foundations with durability and longevity that go beyond traditional methods. 

We’re uniquely prepared for everything from new building projects, to remedial work, to more uncommon jobs. 

Other Services

Basements | Retaining Walls | Inhospitable Locations | Condemned Building Restoration

Listed Buildings | Setting Out | Tanking


We aim to provide a premium service to our clients which offers far more depth than your average builder, and our pricing varies substantially from job to job. As part of our process, we will travel to your location to create a report which will detail the problems, solutions, and costs.

This report costs £300, which will be fully deducted from your final fee if you decide to work with us. If more in-depth investigations are required (such as background checks, soil testing, destructive surveys, etc.), any additional costs will be fully discussed with you before moving forward.

 If you wish your own builders to carry out works, we can supply written instructions on how to use certain products (though these works will not be covered under our guarantee).

Getting Started

If you’re ready to get your project moving, we’re ready to help you. Contact us at 01689 820717 OR and we’ll make plans to come to your property and prepare your first report.

Note: We require £300 fee to come to your property and create a full report on the problem and what it will take to solve it. If you decide to work with us, this fee will be fully deducted from the final project price.